The Changing Profile of Dental Care with Age

A lot of changes occur with teeth right from birth through old age, which explains why dental care also has to change for any person with this progression. Teeth have diverse needs, depending on one’s age. You may rest assured of receiving proper attention for your teeth by visiting a reputable dental clinic Serving dental patients in Richmond Area for instance. Caring for them properly should keep them in strong and healthy form at all times.


Serving dental patients in Richmond Area




Teeth get formed in a child before its birth but remain lodged in the gum until their emergence afterward. Typically, any child cuts its first teeth in-between six months and three years of age. The front teeth are usually first to come through with molars showing up at the last. The turn of age two is the recommended stage of life for a child to begin visits with the dentist. At this early stage, the teeth require only being wiped with some washcloth alongside tooth care training products. Flossing is recommended as teeth start to grow and touch.


Spacing becomes a challenge for many children as teeth begin falling out. Braces, routine cleanings as well as teaching of proper hygiene techniques then become the focus of dental care for children. Permanent teeth begin forming during such time as sealants, with sealers being highly recommended for keeping molars strong and free of cavities.


Teenage years


As wisdom teeth begin to emerge, it is essential to continue reinforcing proper cleaning habits and perhaps use of braces for straightening objectives. Given that they do not grow in a straight fashion always, these teeth at times fail to break through gums. It is recommended for young ones to undergo extractions before they erupt, which happens within this phase, during its mid to late stages. This could perhaps be done at a renowned clinic serving dental patients in Richmond Area.


Early Adulthood


Teeth begin exhibiting deterioration through break-down of enamel, propelled by poor dental practices. You may focus on proper oral hygiene through regular brushing and flossing of teeth, avoiding excessive intake of sugary foods as well as teeth-staining drinks. Oftentimes, smoking habits begin in adulthood, which increases chances of gum disease, loss of bones as well as discoloration.


Middle Age or Mid-Adulthood


Many individuals tend to neglect to care for their teeth well during this phase of life. Plaque builds up easily while gums may end up contracting the periodontal disease. This is in fact among the most common problems for adults within this age-group. Gum disease contributes to even more severe problems such as:


· Jaw-bone deterioration


· Loss of teeth


· Unpredictable insulin levels


· Heart disease


· Stroke


Late Adulthood


Loss of teeth may become a regular challenge for individuals suffering from diseases of the teeth and gum. Many people are affected adversely by poor dieting and improper lifestyles. Bodies deteriorate naturally, with conditions such as osteoporosis making it difficult for anyone to eat and talk. Dentures may be necessary at this stage of life and should be cleaned daily if fixed to limit the build-up of bacteria and pain.


Apart from consulting regularly with say a refined dental practice serving dental patients in Richmond Area, you could also obtain further help with your dental concerns by taking a tour of Docklands Dental Studio