5 Signs That It Might Be Time to Consider Knee Replacement

Often the people who suffer from serious knee conditions or knee osteoarthritis opt for the knee replacement surgery as an ideal treatment as it has extremely negligible effects on their quality of life. Though the reasons behind knee problems can be various, such as serious injuries or aging, it is the signs that determine the seriousness of the knee condition and whether there’s a need for a total knee replacement or not. Keep on reading this article to know what those serious signs are:

Excruciating Pain

In serious knee conditions, excruciating knee pain can start all of a sudden, even when you’re asleep. This pain may interrupt your sleep for the whole night or can come as a ‘payback pain’ where you suffer from it after finishing a daily activity. This feeling of severe pain, during the time when you’re using your knee or just lying still, serves as a warning that your knee isn’t functioning the way it should and maybe it’s time that you consult a knee surgery doctor from Dr. Nakul Karkare , if you live there, immediately.

Medicines Aren’t Helping

Often people who suffer from knee pain opt for medicinal healing or additional treatment options in the beginning, such as physiotherapy, lubricating injections, etc. But, when even these treatments along with strong medicines fail to help you deal with the knee pain, opting for knee replacement NYC doctors conduct seems to be the only permanent solution.

Difficulties in Everyday Tasks

Are you having difficulties in performing your daily chores? Well, experiencing difficulties during the execution of even the simplest of everyday activities, such as getting out of your bed, bathing, sitting down, climbing stairs etc., is a very strong sign of realizing that maybe it’s a total knee replacement that you need now. Therefore, make sure that you visit an orthopedic as soon as possible without letting your knee condition to worsen.

Visual Changes in The Look

If there’s a visible change in the way your knee used to look, you shouldn’t ignore it as it may be a sign of inflammation, which strongly needs medical attention. Considerable changes in the appearance of your knee, such as irregular swelling or other severe deformities are strong signals that you should start looking for an orthopedic surgeon for knee replacement.

Movements Becoming More Limited

Experiencing limitations in movement, such as trouble in sitting down on seats that are low in height, can be a sign that you need to visit a knee or hip doctor New York based soon. Whether it’s a car seat or the sofa when your knee starts refusing to bend during your attempts of sitting down, know that it can be an indicator of further deterioration of your present knee condition. It is also a very common sign of osteoarthritis.


Though a total knee replacement surgery is not always needed for solving knee problems, it’s better to not ignore the above-mentioned signs in case you’re suffering from any. If you’re still unsure about the surgical process or how it may help you regain your freedom of movement, then you can always refer to websites like http://www.newyorkhipknee.com, where you may find valuable insights on the various knee conditions and the details regarding the treatment procedure.